Research Team 2

“Regulation of cropping potential-flower formation,fruit set and fruit development”

Prof. Dr. Elena Rhon’zhina, Technical University Kaliningrad
Research: Regulation mechanisms related to flower formation and fruit set.

Prof. Dr. Jens Wuensche, University Stuttgart-Hohenheim
Research: Studies of developmental plant processes in response to environmental and/or crop management triggers.Combining expertise in hormone,carbohydrate and molecular physiology for detailed laboratory and field studies

Dr. Alexey Solomakhin, Sad Gigant
Research: Influence of alternate bearing and cultivation methods on orchard microclimate, fruit tree development and fruit quality characteristics.

Mr. Alexander Sorodoschnij

Mr. Zarif Zaynutdinov
Research: Regulation of flower bud formation,fruit set and fruit development in apple and pear trees.

PhD E. N. Tkachyov

PhD A. I. Kuzin
Research: Regulation of cropping potential,flower formation,fruit set and fruit development in apple and pear trees.

Dr. Martin Hegele
Research: Phytohormone analysis of fruit trees and plant reactions to growth regulators.

Dr. Patrick Winterhagen
Research: Gene identification and studies on gene expression of fruit trees.

Prof. Dr. Segey Chumakov, Kuban State Agrarian University Krasnodar
Research: Regulation of production processes in fruit crops/cherry pollen fertilization.